10 Tips for How to Take Wedding Photos For Beginners

10 Tips for How to Take Wedding Photos

Do you want to shoot better wedding images? One of the most memorable days for a couple is their wedding day. It’s your duty as a wedding photographer to record the most significant moments and put together a wonderful memory book of the special day! In this post, we’ll cover some of the greatest advice for taking breathtaking wedding images and typical blunders to avoid.

Several of the ideas we’ll discuss are listed below. The following advice will assist you in getting ready for your first shoot:

  • doing so in pairs
  • Having the right tools and being prepared
  • Making a shot list
  • being aware of who and what to photograph
  • preserving the small moments

What is Wedding Photography?

Understanding what makes photographing a wedding ceremony and reception difficult will help you better appreciate how our ideas can improve your wedding photography.

Unlike other types of photography, wedding photography only offers one opportunity to get the perfect shot. Usually, the wedding day is the only day that a wedding lasts. This implies that the photographer has very little margin for mistake. You must be certain that you are prepared to shoot at any time.

It’s important to remember that the bride, groom, family, and friends can be under stress, so try to keep a cheery, laid-back demeanor.

You should make sure to draught a wedding photography contract in advance for the wedding party to sign, just like many other event photographers. The risk of conflicts, later on, is eliminated by having an established agreement upfront. The total number of deliverables your clients will get following the shoot should be specified in this agreement.

Wedding Photography Tips

To assist you to succeed in shooting the greatest wedding ceremony and family photographs at your next event, here are some of the best wedding photography advice.

  1.  Assist A Professional

Before photographing any wedding, you should be familiar with the do’s and don’ts of wedding photography. You may prevent frequent blunders by learning the fundamentals from an experienced photographer.

Before beginning your own wedding photography company, consider contacting a seasoned expert. They could let you go along with them to weddings they’ve scheduled or get advice from them.

Working with an experienced professional will help you obtain practical experience that you can use on future assignments. Depending on your level of photographic expertise, some of the advice you hear might not be new to you. To get the finest outcomes, it’s usually beneficial to observe how other experts in your industry operate.

  1. Test Your Camera in Advance

Before you depart to shoot amazing wedding photographs, ensure sure all of your equipment is in working order.

To utilize throughout the wedding ceremony, you’ll probably want to carry a tripod along with multiple camera lenses and external flashes. You could also want additional lighting gear if the wedding you’re capturing takes place inside. You may probably get away with a bounce rather than bulky lighting for outdoor events.

It’s a good idea to pack more equipment than you anticipate using to be safe. To ensure that you don’t miss anything, including the fun-filled dancing on the dance floor or the beverages at cocktail hour, bring many extra batteries and memory cards.

  1. Pack Sufficient Accessories

Making excuses for your mistakes as a professional photographer doesn’t seem good. Bring all the equipment you’ll need to shoot stunning wedding photographs. Bring a laptop if you can so you can control the real-time backup of your images. This will assist you in avoiding future severe technology blunders, such as losing photo data.

Do you want to know how much it will cost to launch a photography business? For that, we’ve got a guide.

  1. Photograph With A Partner

All of your photographic gear cannot be carried by one person. To get the greatest possible wedding photography photographs, you’ll probably require assistance. Another skilled photographer may be required to help you with lighting, test pictures, and capturing moments you would otherwise miss. Being everywhere at once is impossible!

Offer to help a wedding photographer in exchange for being their second in charge at their next event. This deal is a clever approach to obtaining assistance from a pro wedding photographer while staying under budget.

  1. Pre-Plan The Shoot

Just as crucial as the shot itself is the planning for the shoot. Spend a little more time on this aspect of your wedding photography planning.

You should plan time to snap several images of the bride and groom in various settings. The pair will comply with your requests and respect your expert judgment, but they can also have their suggestions for photo opportunities.

It’s up to you how you chose to pose the pair for the pictures. As you and your clients prepare for the session, we advise providing them with a handbook of positions. Give them the freedom to select the postures they like for their wedding photographs, and then include those positions in the contract you both sign.

You might need to give your customers more guidance to get the ideal photo, depending on how at ease they are in front of the camera. It is crucial to have patience with the newlyweds because of this. They will appreciate the encounter more if you can make them feel at ease.

And keep in mind that word-of-mouth promotion is crucial for expanding a photography business. Your clients will suggest you if you’re a patient photographer!

  1. Capture The Firsts

Couples want to cherish every second of their wedding day, particularly the first few significant moments. The couple’s first kiss, first dance, and first gaze are among these significant firsts. It’s crucial to ask your customers about any particular events they want to be captured since they could even be preparing their own, non-traditional “first moments.”

Schedule time for these early moments and be prepared in advance to get the greatest photo. Because these milestones come quickly, you must be ready in advance.

Setting your camera to a high shutter speed will enable you to snap several short without pausing, which is the finest method for guaranteeing that your first-moment photos turn out nicely. In this manner, you’ll have a collection of photographs to pick from during post-processing.

Additionally, try to capture these early moments from several viewpoints. Consider putting up many cameras with a remote shutter to catch the entry from various points of view, for instance, if the couple plans a spectacular entrance.

  1. Shoot The Reactions

In their wedding album, newlyweds like seeing pictures of their guests having a good time. Attempt to catch the moments when friends and family are having a good time on the dance floor or at the reception supper. Those looks on the faces of the friends, family, and relatives who came to support your clients deserve to be photographed.

This is an excellent task for your assistant to take on if you’re working with one. As you stay near the bride and groom, give them the task of capturing the guests’ and family members’ “WOW!” reactions.

Ask your spouse to swiftly snap pictures while obscuring as many faces as they can. It’s a happy occasion, and these moments ought to be saved so the couple may look back on them later.

  1. Know The Guests

There are many different types of attendees at weddings. There will be a large turnout of friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to show their support for the newlyweds. While it’s vital to capture the guests’ excitement, bear in mind that they didn’t employ you for the shoot.

With the couple, go through the guest list to pick a few VIP visitors. Priority should be given to taking photos of these distinguished visitors, and you should try to get to know them by name and make them feel at ease throughout the photo session.

As you are already aware, the bride and groom’s friends and family are the life of the celebration. They should be meaningful to you because they are important to the couple. Plan to take some excellent solos and a couple of portraits of them.

  1. Capture A Group Photo

Everyone wants a picture with the pair, which may take the entire evening! Taking group shots is preferable. You won’t have enough time to take the most crucial shots otherwise.

With the assistance of your partner, properly manage these groups. So that you can concentrate on taking pictures, your helper could be in charge of allocating groups, taming flyaway hairs, and making other minor adjustments.

When photographing a group, it can be challenging to get everyone to seem flawless at once. Some people blink, while others have blurry vision. For this reason, it’s beneficial to shoot a tonne of extra pictures so you may select the ideal one for each group.

  1. Look For Smiles

A grin indicates a moment worth photographing. Hidden moments during a wedding ceremony and reception may spice up a wedding book. Examples include children playing, individuals talking about a wonderful moment, and pals laughing from the corner.

These are unique and uncommon situations that you cannot engineer or plan. Therefore, you must keep an eye out for them and snap pictures as soon as you see them. These sorts of pictures will be adored by the pair.


That’s a tonne of beginner-friendly advice! We hope that this post has given you some food for thought as you prepare for your next wedding picture session. Do you have experience photographing weddings? Comment below with any tips you have for novices trying to establish themselves in the wedding photography business. Along the process, others might benefit from your experiences!

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