12 Photography Trends in 2023

12 Photography Trends in 2023

Photographers who are trend-aware are better able to understand their clientele, and marketers are quick to uncover content on stocks that will set them apart from rivals. Additionally, it enables them to speak the same language as their intended audience.

This year has seen several developments in photography and other areas of our lives. The majority of them concern worldwide lockdowns. For instance, a fresh take on still life, drone photography, and self-portraits. There are a few exceptions, though. As a result, the trend of AI-powered photography and editing is a result of technology’s ongoing natural development.

The twelve most important photography trends for 2021 are outlined in this article. Utilize them as a resource to create innovative ideas, astute customers, and improved visual communication.

1. Masks are Everywhere

Accessories like respirators and surgical masks have become a part of our wardrobes since the beginning of last year. We may find a range of styles for these goods while shopping or strolling down the street. In a way, it has evolved into a timepiece and an extra source of information about the wearer. As a result, photographers begin to experiment with using masks on their subjects.

2. Shifting To Vertical Images

Certain marketing and technological activities that were already underway have been expedited by the outbreak. For instance, when it comes to Internet usage, mobile devices predominate over desktop ones. A mobile-focused website and app will be far more crucial for an eCommerce firm in 2021 than a desktop-focused online platform. Important social networks like WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, and others are mobile-first. Because of this, vertical photography is now in demand.

3. Growing Interest in Nature

We dubbed this trend Solace in Nature in the 2021 Visual Trend Report, suggesting that nature has the power to calm our frayed minds. Statistics have lately supported our hypothesis. Customers at Depositphotos have started to buy nature pictures more frequently in recent months.

This implies that there is a lot of opportunity for photographers in the natural world. Due to quarantine regulations, portrait photography may not be possible in many nations, but artists may always access nature.

4. Selfies, Family Portraits, and Small Community Shooting

Photographers are having a hard time obtaining themes for their creative activities during these months. Several measures must be taken to plan a secure outdoor or studio picture session, which can take time and is not always convenient. At the same time, you may utilize yourself, your roommates, your family, your pets, and your neighbors as models if you want to consistently produce visual portrait material.

5. Nostalgic outlook

People enjoy using photography to preserve time. We all have childhood images that evoke memories and make us want to share them because of this.

In contrast, generations Y and Z are renowned for their curiosity and interest in earlier decades (in particular, the 60s and 80s). The modern film, fashion, and advertising all already reflect this. Currently, the popularity of images that reflect vintage aesthetics is at an all-time high.

6. Ai-Powered Photography and Editing

Most of the time, clients of picture stock companies or those who deal directly with photographers are unable to tell the difference between a shot taken using machine learning and one that was processed using a neural network. And this is precisely why artificial intelligence is so crucial to us: technology allows artists to save time and effort on repetitive tasks that don’t call for originality.

In 2021, Adobe Sensei, Pic app, and Depositphotos’ AI-powered background removal tool will all be helpful tools for creatives. To find out more, go here: Three Ways AI is Currently Transforming Photography.

7. Changing Angles With Drones

Aerial photography is becoming more and more popular. Recently, it has evolved into a photographer’s workaround for the social distance rule. Even better, as technology becomes less expensive over time, sophisticated drones for commercial picture shoots are becoming more accessible. Aerial photography is growing significantly as a result. The categories of “drone” photography have been widened to include aerial sports, fashion, and wedding photography.

8. Authenticity As A Dominating Force

It’s challenging to put into words the idea of genuineness. While compiling the list of visual communication trends for 2021, we got to this conclusion. Additionally, we started a genuine photography contest in 2020. (view the list of winners). In the framework of this competition, we didn’t ask artists to submit any specific work; instead, we asked them to define authenticity for themselves.

You could have a different perspective on this subject than other people do. However, we think that everyone can agree that overly altered, staged, and over-glamorized photos are the antithesis of authenticity in photography.

9. Puzzling Still Lives

Artists were inspired to experiment with the still life genre because of the limitations placed on taking pictures of other people. They started taking a distinct perspective on their surroundings and presenting fresh, original graphics. Macro photography enthusiasts have seen a lot of success.

The minimalist movement, which has been around for a while, has also made an appearance in still-life photography. As a result, we have flat lays that clients of Depositphotos may use as either the main picture or the backdrop, as well as abstract and surrealistic compositions.

10. Female Photography and Diversity

Variety is becoming increasingly popular in creative photography. At Depositphotos, we observe the rising demand for pictures of people of all ages, skin tones, ethnicities, health statuses, and genders working, playing, or doing household chores. This tendency is reflected in advertising, which increasingly frequently uses different individuals.

Stock images of happy ladies have always been popular. However, over time, representations of women have undergone a major transformation, particularly as preconceptions have faded into obscurity. Themes like female empowerment and body acceptance are promising ones for photography today.

11. Ode To Colors

Compared to colorful photography, artistic black-and-white photography appears more pessimistic. Warm color schemes that aren’t aggressive elicit feelings of security, assurance, and optimism in viewers. According to Depositphotos, the top trend in visual communication is Symbols of Optimism. These things, as well as the colors they come in, serve as symbols. For instance, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating are Pantone’s Colors of the Year for 2021. Brave Ground is the Color of the Year for Dulux.

Explore The Pantone Colors of the Year 2021 and Color of the Year 2021 Is Brave Ground to get a sense of the ideal color narrative for this year.

12. Documenting Activism

For Millennials, social involvement and proactive attitudes have taken the top spots among values. The preservation of the environment, the struggle for equality, the opposition to animal testing, and zero-waste initiatives are all hotly contested social issues. Furthermore, it is now impossible for contemporary businesses to sell themselves without stating their social goal. As a result, social problem pictures are needed by activists, companies, and the media.


Photography trends illuminate what matters most to companies and their consumers right now. They are also a terrific place to start when coming up with photographic ideas and building your portfolio.

The 12 photographic trends listed above lead us to the conclusion that 2021 is a strong year for individuals with backgrounds in still life, aerial, and nature photography.

The good news is that technology is improving, and everyday chores for photographers become less time-consuming thanks to contemporary AI-powered technologies. And those are just a few key points from the article!

Remember, though, that creative photography is not simply about the market and your aesthetic perspective when observing trends. Improve your Depositphotos portfolio with fresh, eye-catching pictures, and don’t be afraid to try new things. Who knows, one day you could be on to something.